Garrison Cantrell QB 13

Garrison Cantrell is a young student-athlete of faith, leadership, and excellence.  A Multi-sport athlete and hardworking grinder in his workouts, Garrison is developing a high Football IQ that reads defenses while moving his offense down the field.  

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“Garrison Cantrell is one of the hardest working kids I’ve ever coached.  He always wanted to know what he could do to get better and help the team.  Very talented young man and great teammate!”  Coach Clint Clement – Former Baseball & Football Coach

“I am writing to provide reference of my coaching experience with Garrison Cantrell. As his head basketball coach and all-star coach for two years, I can say that this young man is absolutely one of my favorite players of all time. He is respectful, dependable, and gives every effort to do what he is asked as a player and as a teammate. He exudes leadership and does so with his example of hard work every practice and every game. As a former college athlete, I have no doubt he has the right mentality, physical ability, and work ethic to be an outstanding asset to any team he joins. He is an encouraging teammate to his peers and has the aggressiveness every coach wants to see on the court both on defense and offense. He takes constructive feedback with grace, follows directions, and plays with passion. I would highly recommend him for any program in any sport, as I do know he is a multi-sport athlete. Thank you for your consideration of this young man. I do believe if he chooses, he will be an excellent addition to your team.”  Coach Meridith Watts, MSN, RN, CPT – Basketball Coach

My name is Coach Taylor and I’ve been officiating Basketball for 26 years & coaching for 25 years. I’ve encountered over 1000 players, so I see, hear, and listened to a lot of players but then there’s that Special player that I’ve had the opportunity to talk to, listen to, and Coach…Which is Garrison Cantrell.  What a GREAT young man, he makes a Coach feel at ease because he’s a Natural born leader in all he does. Perfect attitude, Team Leader, and most of all a Very Very Very “COACHABLE” Athlete Which is Hard to come across nowadays, He catches on to plays like no other ….Things I didn’t see he did (Coach we can’t run that play they’re in a zone) ..Lol , so He became my Team Captain and it made my job easier. I wish I could’ve had 10 Garrison Cantrell’s, he’s just court Savvy, Long Athletic Player where the Sky is the limit for this Young Man. I’m Very Proud of Him . Don’t Change Who You Are GC. It was a True Pleasure being your Coach Love You Man… Coach Taylor

Don’t Change Who You Are GC. It was a True Pleasure being your Coach Love You Man… Coach Taylor